10 Worst Dressed Celebrities

Lady Gaga


Okay Ke$ha, we get it. You’re cool, you’re edgy and you don’t follow the fashion crowd. But really, is that any excuse for this mess? On its own, the dress we could just about get on board with, but the over-accessorising is quite simply, over-kill. And there is never an occasion for which leather arm warmers will be deemed appropriate attire.

Michelle Williams

Oh dear, Michelle Williams. The Destiny’s Child suffered from a real sack the stylist moment at the Midnight Pre-Grammy Brunch, when she turned up in this unflattering high-shine jumpsuit. We can’t even bring ourselves to mention the hair.

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson might have been going for the crown of Grammy golden girl when she chose this gilt minidress for the Clive Davis Pre-Awards party, but where she’s seeing glam we’re seeing tack. And is that a black bra we spy underneath? It just gets worse.

Jennifer Hudson

We see exactly what Jennifer Hudson was attempting here – high-fashion silhouette and daring figure-hugging cut – but it’s just not doing it for us. Sorry Jen.


We are guessing that this is Ciara’s attempt to do fashion-forward, but we can’t help thinking of big bird every time we clock her Grammy pre-party look. It might be Givenchy, but that doesn’t make it right.

Jennifer Lopez

Is it a dress? Is it a space-age suit? Or did half of her gown simply get stuck in the door? As you can tell, we can’t quite work out Jennifer Lopez’s half-there, half-not look. Perhaps she was trying to recreate that infamous flesh-flashing 2000 Grammy dress, but this sci-fi alternative just isn’t working the same magic.

Malin Akerman

Oh dear, oh dear! There’s always one. Letting the style side down at the 2010 Grammy Awards, Malin Ackerman showed how bad accessories can equal style suicide for a look, teaming her silver mini with hideous over-the-knee boots. The dress alone could have been fine if worn with some delicate heels, but those clumpy booties send it straight to the realms of worst dressed wonder. Sorry!

Kristen Bell

Not one of our favourite looks of the night, Kristen Bell’s midnight blue gown just isn’t quite right. The shapeless cut and gold cut-away panelling don’t seem to gel, plus the locks are a tad lacklustre for the red carpet.


Uh oh. Looks like someone was left unsupervised to raid the dressing up box again… Mya arrived at the Clive Davis Pre-Award party in this Arabian Nights-inspired gown, with tacky aqua split overlay. Not a good look.
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